Submit your match results using the Result Form button below by 5pm Sunday evening and match reports for inclusion in the weekly newsletter.

Photos can be emailed through to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Result Form

A reminder for those coaching non-competitive sides, you do need to record the result (in the results section of the submission form), but please avoid mentioning this in the match report itself. NWSF require that we do not include the score, or who won the game in the match report, but it is fine to detail who scored goals and mention how they may have been scored. Mention kids by first names, or first name and surname initial (i.e. Mitch B) if it is required.

Kids reports should highlight the positives, skills displayed and encourage development.

All reports should be respectful to the opposition and officials. Be mindful that they are distributed to a wide audience every week, over 1,800 club members past and present, and from all ages, including children, parents & extended relatives, sponsors & other members of the community. Inappropriate reports will not be published in the newsletter and reports may be edited if the content is not respectful.   

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